5 Distinctively Useful Features of BMW Cars

BMW is a brand that needs no introduction to car lovers. The goodwill it has earned leaving others behind is because of combining everything within a frame of an aesthetic framework. Be it convenience, technological power, the design or on-road performance, BMW would leave even the worst of its critics awestricken.

Here are five such highlighted features that push these BMW vehicles miles ahead of the crowd.

Adaptive Headlights

As explained by the BMW dealer serving Santa Maria, Adaptive Headlights are made to cast their beam towards the direction you move your steering to make sure everything is clearly visible till a few yards ahead of you. This adds to the safety measures too especially while taking turns on winding roads during night drives. There are sensors attached to it to measure the speed and help to steer the correct angle.

What more? These Adaptive Headlights in BMW remains active only when the vehicle starts pulling away. The lights stay switched off when the BMW is reversing backwards and even when the vehicle is parked.

BMW Head-Up Display

The BMW Head-Up Display is a massive step taken towards driving assistance and safety for all. In every BMW vehicle, there will be a BMW Head-Up Display attached to the dashboard. It is a combo device with a projector and a system of mirrors that display images with easy to read messages. It is there to display things like navigation and Guiding information, Speed Limit Info, the status of the Active Cruise Control, Driver Assistant Check Control with warnings, pedestrian recognition and Collision Warning.

Comfort Access System

The Comfort Access System is there in each BMW car to make it easy for you to find your car even if you are 1.5 metres away. The system can remotely sense the BMW key. It takes you only to touch the door handle to unlock it and you don’t need to take out the key for that. The system can even sense if you have entered the cabin and if you do, the Start/Stop button gets enabled and ready to drive off as soon as you press it.

Your BMW knows human forgetfulness. So, it automatically locks all doors as soon as you reach your destination and press the exterior door handle. The vehicle key too, functions just like a remote control while opening or closing the tailgate.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

The Dynamic Stability Control as described by the Santa Maria area BMW dealer improves the safety of the car by facilitating a sound vehicle control system even in adverse driving conditions or while driving through rough surfaces. It is there to maximize the traction of all the four wheels while starting off or when the accelerator is used. It also detects if there is any sign of over or understeering to keep the vehicle safe even without a balanced grip of the tyres.

Navigation System Professional

The Navigation System Professional in BMWs is to help the driver with a 3D design the numerous functions installed to ease out the navigation process, the office and manage the multimedia. The high-resolution display on a 10.2-inch monitor comes with a split-screen functionality.