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We often deal with car problems especially poor fuel economy, car not starting or the worse- car engine misfiring. Delay in detecting the exact cause could lead to heavy damage and replacement auto parts becomes must to be purchased in such situation.

In such situation it becomes very important to be aware of our auto parts. In this article, we shall discuss a pivotal car part that is responsible for igniting air fuel mixture i.e. car spark plugs.

It is very important for your car to have properly working automotive spark plugs in order to have locomotion. Spark plugs need regular maintenance and cleaning because if ignored these could heavily damage car engine and its associated components. But how to know when is the right time to change spark plugs? Many of you must be wondering why spark plugs are so pivotal in car functioning? Well, read on ahead to know more about spark plugs and replace spark plugs online if they are worn for better driving experience !

Spark Plugs

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Ever thought why are we so into spark plugs? Do you know where does the engine get power from? How is the air-fuel mixture burnt inside the cylinders? Just keep this in mind-without a proper working spark plug your car won’t start at all!

Spark plugs do not require replacement very often provided that they are cleaned often or proper maintenance has been provided to them. To get your engine going, it takes a series of well charged electrical sparks. The combustion process inside the engine is ignited by spark plugs so that your car could move further. So, for the better engine performance and optimized fuel economy, it is very important to have top notch spark plugs otherwise you might have to pay heavy bills for engine repair.

Please note that every vehicle require their individual type of spark plug which are made according to manufacturer’s standards etc. and to get the specifics of your car spark plugs, you can go through owner’s manual. Please note that usually spark plugs are replaced after 50000 miles. But in certain conditions, you can notice some symptoms which show that the time has come to replace spark plugs. You can read on ahead to know the symptoms of malfunctioning spark plugs of car.

Engine Misfiring

Well, engine misfiring can have more than one issues. But one of the prominent cause of engine misfiring could be worn spark plugs. In engine misfiring situation, your vehicle continues to run but not normally or smoothly as it normally does. In short vehicle starts to stumble and there is a brief hesitation in power delivery to engine.

While the engine is misfiring, somehow we continue our movement. This is wrong. Halt and car and take it to a professional because engine misfiring not only damages engine but it will also reduce gas mileage and increase car emissions as incentives.

In such cases, the mechanic’s first priority relies in spark plug checking. Spark plugs are designed to ignite the fuel and if they wear or corrode there will be no spark or electricity to ignite the fuel and ultimately you won’t be able to start your car.  Luckily, you can easily replace spark plugs which you can buy from any online auto parts store and are quite economical.

Bad Mileage

If you are a regular driver or use your car for regular trips, you know what you look for while buying a car- fuel economy. What if the fuel economy degrades? Why it may degrade is the actual question! Again, the culprit may be worn spark plugs of your car!

We have read more than ten times that the job of spark plugs is to burn the air fuel mixture. This proper burning of air fuel mixture provides the fuel economy to us. But what if the fuel has not been burnt or has been excessively burnt? It has been studied that the car’s fuel economy degrades by 30% if the spark plugs go bad. So in order to get your car’s better than average fuel economy, do not forget to replace the spark plugs in right time.

Car not starting

Having trouble in starting your car? Check your car’s spark plugs first.

Though there might be other reasons too behind this issue like- empty fuel tank, dead battery in cold weather. But we often overlook the possibility of having worn spark plugs.

If the car’s spark plugs have worn out prematurely they won’t let the engine to produce enough power to get the car moving. This could result in complete stalling. So, in order to get the power or ignition, the battery also gets drained unnecessarily which causes dual damage i.e. of spark plugs as well as car battery. So, it will be wise to first check spark plugs and get them replaced immediately if they need to!

Poor acceleration

When you press on the gas pedal, is your vehicle not moving instantly or taking time than usual? Car’s ignition system is to be blamed when poor acceleration occurs. So, when the malfunctioning spark plugs are not able to create spark o ignite the fuel mixture inside the engine, the acceleration reduces.

Vehicle Jerking

If your vehicle is jerking or the engine is surging, there might be a possibility of having worn spark plugs which are causing the engine to hesitate and the car starts to suck in more air in the combustion process which can cause the car to slow down itself or you might feel jerks.

It is very important to visit the mechanic because engine jerks are not safe if felt in a traffic.

Replacing spark plugs- DIY

It is easy to replace spark plugs of your car by your own. For this DIY you will need- socket or ratchet, gap gauge, Torque wrench, 6 inch rubber hose. Lets get started.

The first step is to allow the engine to cool down and loosen the spark plug wires and clean them using rag. You can find the location of spark plug wire in owners’ manual.

Make sure to clean the area where the new spark plug is going to be installed. Put the extension and spark plug socket on your ratchet to loosen the old spark plug and remove it ultimately.

Now, put the old spark plug in the socket and firmly tighten it using wrench or socket. Don’t over tighten it! Now use twisting motion to re attach the plug wire to the new one. You are done!

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