Economy lubricant Total Rubia 15W40 for truck drivers

For your truck to remain in the right shape, you should care for it properly. However, what matters most in the caring is the engine oil choice. You have to select the best quality engine oil for the vehicle. But if you are not certain on which is the best oil, select the Total Rubia 15W40. The oil is ideal for both diesel and petrol engines. With regular use of the oil, you will be certain that your vehicle will remain in the right shape for many years.

About the Oil

The history of TOTAL RUBIA products dates back many decades. Having put innovation at the forefront, the product line is not an exception. The manufacturer uses differentiated technology to engineer it and therefore it exceeds the API set standards plus a large percentage of diesel engine lubrication needs for the on- and off- road equipment. Total has been offering higher quality lubricants for the heavy-duty oil market.

The oil will provide excellent protection, enhanced fuel economy and better engine performance.  And because the performance will always increase, you should expect engine durability and fewer visits to motor vehicle dealer shop. The oil is also developed to exceed or meet the severe OEM requirements and is suitable for a large number of models and brands available throughout the world.

The Key Features

  • It features synthetic base additives and stocks, which result in powerful engine performance and that works for a longer period
  • It is the oil to go for if you need higher end thermal stability.
  • It has excellent anti-wear, detergent, and dispersant properties. The sensitive parts of your vehicle engine will remain clean
  • The remarkable engine performance enhances peaceful engine driving.

Caring for the Product

Before you start using the engine oil, it is always a good idea to check the vehicle’s service manual – you have to carry the drain according to manufacturer’s requirements. Never store the product at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius. Also, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or high-temperature variations. Protect every package from the bad weather conditions and store the drums horizontally to minimise chances of water contamination and product label damage.

Health, Environment, and Safety

According to the manufacturer’s information, the product never causes adverse health conditions – when used in the intended application. To remain safe, read the recommendations provided in manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). It is available in the local dealer shop or from the manufacturer’s website. When disposing of the used product, work to protect the environment, also comply with all set local regulations.