Features of Audi Self-Driven Car

The self-driving cars are now rampantly capturing the market. The cars are rated and assessed on the basis of the car’s acceleration, performance, steering and braking systems. These are cars without a cruise control. In most cases do not even require any steering wheel or a skilled driver.

In this genre of vehicles, Audi has introduced the all new A8 model that comes with a Level 3 autonomy. It was the first self-driven vehicle that allows the driver to just relax while the car would drive on its own.

This automatic car from Audi is self-sufficient to the extent that it can keep driving without any human interaction. It would come to a stop itself, if there is any issue with the system or it has been instructed to pass on the control to a human hand on its wheels.

The Santa Cruz Audi dealer briefed us about all the amazing features this technology stunt car is running on:

Remote Parking Pilot

When A8, reaches its destination, the remote parking pilot starts giving directions to the vehicle to park it perfectly in the given parking spot. After driving back home, it helps the car garage itself automatically. The driver can get down from the car and get busy otherwise as the A8 doesn’t wait for the driver to be present there. Activating the system from the app loaded on their smartphone would do the rest.

Driver Ability Detection

Audi’s Driver Ability Detection feature came out from the issues we get to hear about other Level 3 self-driving cars. The feature is able to stop the car when it detects that the driver isn’t going to take control of the vehicle. It starts operating of its own if there is no response from the driver after 10 seconds of warning with audio and visual aids. In such situations, the vehicle would automatically turn the hazard lights on and alerts the Audi.

Traffic Jam Pilot

The Traffic Jam Pilot is a feature that requires the vehicle to be on a divided highway that has a moderately high barrier or has a median standing between the vehicles coming from the opposite side of the traffic. Once this part is assured, leave the A8 to drive for you while you can sit back with your pending documents and do not even look at the running traffic outside your Audi.

The automaker from Auto has done a great job at Level 3, but is hopeful of increasing the ability to of A8 to Level 4 through a software update and if necessary working on the hardware to be capable of handling it.

Summing Up

There would always be pair of eyebrows to raise up whenever technology comes up with something drastic. But regardless of these facts, Audi is all set to move forward. From the Audi dealer near Santa Cruz we were updated that Audi is levelling up the technology of its self-driven car to drive ahead of all other self-driving vehicles that are currently running on the streets.