How Can You Get Maximum Value For Your Vehicle?

Do you think that getting the right value for a used car is impossible? Admittedly, there are hundreds of unsatisfied customers who have not received adequate value for their vehicle during selling it. Selling of a used vehicle becomes a daunting task, especially when the owner ignores giving attention to small details. However, if an owner can work on minute details, he or she can certainly get a good resale value for his/her four wheelers. Prime target of an owner should be to make his vehicle look stunning as a new one and thus certain areas should be taken care of very exhaustively. Let’s have a look on how you can maximize the value of your vehicle in a very cost-effective manner.

Here are some points that every used car dealership in Winnipeg should keep in mind.

Trimming down significant flaws

There are three specific areas, where the owner of the vehicle should give special attention. Firstly, exterior appearance should be made alluring. Secondly, the interior should be cleaned or modified as per need. Lastly, the owner should make sure that his vehicle runs properly without any hindrance and thus engine, gear and brake should be inspected and repaired accordingly. If you want customers to give attention to your ‘Buy My Car’ ad, then it is indispensable to minimise these imperfections and laggings.

Cleaning of the vehicle

Whenever you put an advertisement, the very first step you should take is to go for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning removes dirt or sediments and makes vehicle exterior look stunning. Also, vacuum clean the interior and remove stinking smell, which develops when the vehicle remain close for a long time. If you can’t clean it by yourself, you can give it to cleaning centres. At times, you might also need to add shine by doing the needful tasks. However, all tasks should be done before you take the picture and post it for sale.

The interior works if any

If seat covers or the dash board have minor damages, you can repair it. However, you need to replace the seat covers if it is completely torn. Seat belts, steering grip, boot space, etc. should also be checked and repaired, if required and fit your budget. Stains from the interior should be cleaned perfectly before placing your vehicle for sale.

Working on the performance

Customers will definitely want to have a test drive before buying your vehicle. If your vehicle is not properly serviced or maintained, customers can easily make it out. It is your responsibility to get your vehicle serviced periodically, but if you have missed it then get it done before you put it for sale. You might also have to change a few parts, like coolant, brake shoes, etc., if you find those are not in good condition. Here is a checklist, which you have to go through to fetch good resale value of your old car:

  • The engine condition and performance (i.e. mileage)
  • Gear and brake condition (along with gear oil and brake fluid)
  • Transmission of the vehicle
  • Coolant condition and radiators
  • Condition of tyres and rims (the tread depth of regular tyres along with thespare wheels)
  • Intensity of front lights, fog lights and battery condition
  • Wiper movement
  • Faulty ignition or cold starting should also be addressed
  • Replacing old foot mats if any

Customers might also want to see the servicing history of the vehicle and thus you also have to be prepared with it. Getting good value for used vehicle is not impossible, but for that you have to follow all the aforementioned tips and techniques. Also, needless to say, make sure you post the sales ad on a genuine and popular website so that more customers can come through the post!