How to Get the Theft damage coverage With the Uber Visa Card

Do you want to make some quick money and all you know is driving? Then this is enough to become a Uber and Lyft Driver if you have a car. There are hundreds of drivers who can make almost $1,900 to $2,100 on an average per week. Just find out which are the busy roads and don’t miss the events that are happening in your city. With this knowledge, you can be around such areas and make sure to get the decent amount. There are many drivers who are working for long hours and making decent salaries without fail. Just ensure that your seating arrangement and working hours are fine so that they will not be causing any sort of discomfort for you. There are weekly mails and updates which the drivers receive from the uber and Lyft and these will helpful to find out more details on where there will be an expected surge in the rates in the timings depending on the traffic. Make use of these options and earn more in a less time.

Double Benefits With Single Card:

Have you heard about the Uber visa credit card which is availing a lot benefits for the card holders? Yes, one who owns this card can have a lot of rewards including the Theft damage coverage of the mobile without fail. All the credit points which are earned can be used for the ridesharing and for the Uber eats. So, this is the best chance to get more by just spending your expenses without fail. As the card gets activated, it is within just 90 days one can get $100 by spending a minimum of $500 and more. There are volumes of benefits for the card holders like there are no foreign transaction fees as well outside US and many more.