How to maintain your car’s ignition system!

To work efficiently and to burn air-fuel mixture, your car needs upgraded ignition system. Buy and replace car ignition parts and read this guide on how to maintain your car’s ignition system!

for better working of engine, mileage and fuel system, your car needs optimised ignition system. The car ignition systems are fit in every modern vehicle whether it is petrol or diesel operated in order to burn air-fuel mixture and so on. If your car is misfiring or suddenly stops, the most likely source of the problem is the automotive ignition system.

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How car’s ignition system works

Do you know what the overall purpose of car’s ignition system is? Its job is to provide voltage to sparkplugs in order to burn the air fuel mixture in the combustion chambers.

The car’s ignition system comprises of various components like auto battery, distributor, ignition switch, sparkplugs, cam shaft, drive and coil.

Each component has its own significance in their mechanism. For instance, the coil is responsible for producing high voltage. Each time the distributor contact breaker point opens, it produces high tension current out of it.

The high tension current is sent through distributor to the spark plugs that is coming all the way through coil and rotor arm. Now this high tension current from distributor goes down to central core of spark plug which ignites the air-fuel mixture and helps in running the engine further. Its just a brief explanation though the working can be a bit complex to understand.

But, rough running, increased fuel consumption, an illuminated dashboard light or a non starting engine can be caused by a neglected ignition system. Make sure that you never touch any circuit with your bare hands or without proper equipment especially when the engine is running or ignition is under operation.

Problems with car ignition system

There can be various problems associated with car’s ignition system. You need to keep an eye on them and inspect them periodically so that you don’t compromise with car’s driveability because of worn or damaged ignition parts. Here are the problems listed.

The very first signal of malfunctioning ignition system could be directly indicating to damaged or worn spark plugs. Spark plugs need to be cleaned every 5000 miles. When you will be checking them, you will notice what their condition is like. Based on your analysis, you will be able to make the decision of replacing them with new ones.

The spark plugs are considered as main part of ignition system as the spark created by them is used to ignite the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. Weak sparks or no sparks wont let the engine to work at its optimum level to burn the air fuel mixture completely resulting in more fuel consumption and emissions which are harmful for engine’s health too.

While replacing spark plugs, make sure to consider your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Engine overheating is like a red flag for you. Though its the job of automotive cooling system to maintain temperature of the engine but low levels of coolant or antifreeze due to leaks in cooling system hoses could result in such situation. There can be other reasons associated with engine overheating like radiator issue, thermostat issue or malfunctioning belts. But all these do have impact on ignition system’s working.

Maintain and service your engine timely, because its better working is important for overall performance of ignition system.

Any damage or faulty ignition system would result in engine not starting at all. This happens because the battery wont be able to function fully so it wont be able to supply current to the engine to work. So, the vehicle wont be able to start when you will turn on the switch to ignition.

Often the ignition switch is damaged especially when you carry a heavy key chain, it will move constantly back and forth, causing a continuous damage in your ignition switch. So, make sure to get your ignition switch replaced if it needs replacement.

Also check the ignition switch for corrosion to solve the ignition switch problems.

If something along the way goes wrong and spark fails to reach the plugs, all air and fuel mixture is really electric current that is stored in the battery, replaced by the alternator, monitored by sensors and directed by the ECU to the spark plugs in the cylinders at the proper time.

Also check rotor arms and distributor caps as damaged rotor arms can result in a weak spark at the plug.

Its better to keep the ignition system components maintained in order to achieve the optimum performance out of it. Of course, it will change and alter the working of engine and overall car’s performance.

Engine is the heart of car. So if it stops, car won’t run at all.

Replace car parts and maintain car parts for their performance. So, with this much information, you will definitely be able to gain back your car’s performance.