Let us Teach You How to Correctly Rotate Your Car Tires

How do we save money is the question everyone has on their minds? And why not?! It is because the inflation is at an all-time high and the income opportunities for people are limited. They don’t have many options available to them.

Throw into the mix the work related to your car such as issues pertaining to repairing of tires or engine related matters. Either way, the idea is to save money or curtail expenses. Much of the auction in japan for used cars related issues depend on how you use the car. If you are an adrenaline junkie, your tires, for example, will reach their full life early due to increases wear and tear.

Since the article is intended for focusing on tires, we will teach you some tips on how you can rotate them. But the biggest question is why do I need to rotate them? Front and back tires are different in nature. Front tires tend to carry more weight (of up to 60%) than when compared with rear tires.

When the load on one side of the tire is more due to miles and miles of driving, it tends to lose the grip and stop serving you as a support. When you rotate tires you are basically changing their positions which leads to a safer and reliable ride. Oh, and it will save you money too. Here’s how:

Tools Required To Rotate Tires

Essentially if you have traveled a distance of 5000 miles, it becomes incumbent that you change the tires. When to rotate them exactly, every time you seek to change the oil for your car. The tools needed for this are car jack and jack stands.

Now let us see each in turn.


You can use the car jack to give your tires a spin but it is not recommended for this purpose. You can lift the tires for a very short period of time after which you will have to put it down. The better and more recommended course of action is to use a hydraulic floor jack.

Now I know it is perhaps going to cost you 100 bucks but it will ensure the safety of you whilst driving. Nothing is worth more than your life, so yeah go ahead and make that investment. Keep the car jack too, don’t throw it away just yet. It is going come in handy for other jobs, I promise.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are needed so as to rest your HAA auction house car upon them. In the meantime, you can switch tires. You can do well with a cinderblock as well but jack stand is a method whereby you can handle the switch like a pro.

How to Rotate (Steps)

This applies to all; directional, non-directional as well as spare tires.

  1.    The first thing to do is to engage the parking brake.
  2.    Lose the nuts on the wheel but don’t take them off completely.
  3.    Now lift up the car with your car jack and subsequently place the jack stand beneath it. If you all have is a couple of jack stands then do your homework beforehand and don’t raise the car just yet so as to put yourself away from the harm’s way.
  4.    In the following step remove and rotate your tires as per the pattern of your tires
  5.    For directional tires, switch the front tire with the rear tire. Make sure if it is right tire then the rear tire to get replaced should also be right.
  6.    In order to switch non-directional tires, use the cross method. Front tires should be replaced with opposites of the rear tires (rear-wheel drive) and vice versa (for front wheel drive)
  7.    Having removed and rotating the tires, screw the lug nuts tight before placing the tire on the wheel mount and not after.
  8.    Finally, lower the car from the jack stand(s) and you are good.