Maintenance tips for your car tires – Why is it important?

One of the most vital aspects of maintenance of your car is keeping your tyres in the best condition. It is both dangerous and illegal to drive with tyres that are non-roadworthy. If you’re someone who has always been maintaining your car to keep it at its optimum best, you must have forgotten about maintaining your tyres. As there are several things that you have to do in order to maintain your tyres, most of the car owners are not aware of the steps to take. We have combined a list tyre maintenance tips so that you could drive safely and confidently.

Tip #1: Rotate your tyres

Often times it is seen that the car owners rotate the tyres from one position to another so that they all go through even wear and tear. It has to be noted that the front tyres bear the maximum weight of the car and hence they naturally wear out at twice the rate at which the rear tyres wear out. Hence in order to extend the life of the tyres, it is necessary to rotate them. Majority of the manufacturers advise that tyres should be rotated after every 10,000 kms. You can opt for cross rotation, straight rotation, 4 wheel drive rotation and 5 tyre rotation.

Tip #2: Maintain inflation pressure at the advised level

For best maintenance of your tyres, proper inflation pressure is necessary. Make sure you often check the pressure of your tyres with the best pressure gauge. Check the vehicle’s manual to know about the recommended inflation level of the tyres. In order to make your tyres last for an extended time period and for making them durable, proper inflation is the most vital thing to do. In fact it has been seen that under-inflation is the biggest cause of damage to tyres which lead to air loss and cracking.

Tip #3: Avert excessive spinning of tyres

When your car is stuck in snow, sand or mud, do you spin your tyres excessively? This is something you should avoid doing as this leads to over-heating and long-term damage. Instead of spinning, use a gentle motion to set your vehicle free from the snow, mud or sand. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t stand near a tyre or even behind a spinning tyre.

Tip #4: Wheel alignment

If you don’t know what wheel alignment is, it is the process of aligning the axles and wheels. It makes sure that the car handles at the optimum level, increases safety and protects tyres against untimely wear and tear. When you go for wheel balancing, it balances the tyres and the wheels. This safeguards the suspension and bearings and prevents wear and tear of the tyre. From balance wheels and the vibrations caused by them, it is noticed while the car drives at high speeds.

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