Renault Expects Substantial Performance Deficit Won’t Beat McLaren/Red Bull

Renault recognises that its performance deficit is way too substantial that beating its F1 customer teams McLaren and Red Bull this season. It has set the goal, however, to match the two teams by next year.

The French car manufacturer has been able to improve from its previous ranking of ninth to sixth in the constructor’s championship for F1 last year. The best results that it has achieved so far were a total five finishes in the top six.

The team finished behind Red Bull, trailing behind 300 points. Red Bull went on to win three races and has successfully scored a total of 13 podium finishes.

Through the season, the Renault’s chassis has seen some dramatic improvements. This resulted in it finishing as the fourth placer in terms of being the quickest. However, the performance of the Red Bull still ended up exposing a considerable remaining deficit. In addition, it is also expected that the McLaren is going to leapfrog the Renault’s performance this year after it has ditched Honda.

Cyril Abiteboul, the F1 big-wig for Renault stated that he expects his customer teams to perform better this season and to be ahead. He also wants the gap to be closed during this season’s campaign. He also expects the gap to be obliterated in the next season.

He stated that it is quite a fact that the Renault has a substantial deficit when compared to the Red Bull as far as the chassis goes. This is especially true in terms of its mechanical platform and aerodynamics. Considering how they are very much familiar with the Red Bull and how it performs, they consider this to be quite a fantastic benchmark. Red Bull happens to have one of the best as far as chassis goes right now. This is why the team at Renault are just watching out what it is that they are going to come up with.

However, Abiteboul stated that McLaren is a bit of an unfamiliar territory for them. This is because they feature a different engine and a different chassis. They also have different drivers which makes it quite hard to make comparisons. It is indeed going to be quite an interesting benchmark.

He further expressed that as far as overall capacities go, they should be able to match the two teams this year. Still, these are teams that are stable and well-organised. They are quite well-structured and very well-funded too. Meanwhile, the Renault team is very much a work in progress. As a team, it is in the process of growing up and is still on its way to successfully build its own team.

It may not be before 2019 though that they will be in the position to have the means to fully match the two teams, even when the Renault team would want to be able to minimise the gap even just a little for this year. With how things are going on right now, it seems landing fifth may be the best possible outcome that they can expect for 2018.

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