Rules and Regulations in New Jersey for Taking Online Defensive Driving

This is the perfect way to take the driving class you need. No more trying to talk yourself out of having to go to class. No more excuses like no transportation or no driver’s license. This online class takes care of everything with its online defensive driving course, NJ.

New Jersey Insurance Discount/Point Reduction

You just got a ticket and now your auto insurance will be increasing – what can you do? Remove 2 points from New Jersey record of driving by taking the “New Jersey MVC defense driving class”! Upon successfully completing this course, you will decrease your driving points on your record with a total of 2 points as well as save hundreds of dollars on the premiums for your auto insurance. You will be qualified to take New Jersey driving course for point decrease every five years.

Finishing the class

When you finish the course, their company will let the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission electronically and you also are able print your own certificate out in 30 minutes. Keep one copy for yourself and/or your insurance agent.

10% reduction

Insurance companies that write policies for private passenger cars in the state of New Jersey, will earn the person taking the defensive driving at least 5 percent discount with some carriers even offering 10percent. This insurance reduction is valid for 3 years.

Apply discounts

These discounts only apply to private passenger cars, with 1 discount per vehicle. If this policy insurance 2 or more cars, this discount will apply to the car primarily operated by the person who completed the class. If several drivers as well as several cars in your household, it might benefit for every driver to complete this class.


This Defensive Driving class was created with the help of the world-famous Improv Comedy Club to make this class fun, fast and effective.