Some Common Roadside Emergencies and Ways to Overcome Them

Owning a car is a great feeling. Moreover, you get utmost comfort and convenience at all times. However, everything does come with its set of pros and cons. You have to always stay ready and know that any kind of roadside emergencies could take place, anytime, anywhere!

It is always beneficial for you to keep in touch with effective and reliable auto repair companies to steer away from such emergencies. Be it a brand new car or an old one, it might breakdown or encounter any issues all of a sudden. This is why as a car owner, you must be ready with a solution in hand, if not, and at least keep emergency numbers handy, so that you could call for assistance quickly. In case your car gets damaged, you can have the chance to use it after repairing it. However, if after repairing it you want to sell it and own a new model, you can do the same too without a second thought. You will get good value for your old car by selling it to a car buying service. In the UK, there are car buying services where you can Sell Your Car effortlessly.

Having an emergency vehicle kit is a must for every car owner. You might not have a mechanic around the corner. Hence, starting with self help would always be productive. With the right set of tools and gear in hand, you will be able to resolve almost a few of the issues. Have jump leads, a spare tyre, first aid kit, engine oil, and even socket wrench always in your car. Taking care of emergencies related to such matter will not take much time. Also, having them in your car is always a boon. Moreover, these things do not take much time.

We have mentioned below some of the most commonly experienced roadside emergencies. Fixing them by DIY method is no big deal. To know more, keep reading below:

Flat tyre change

If you have a flat tyre, you will obviously not be able to move ahead too far. Thus, it’s always beneficial to have the right set of tools in hand. Along with it having knowledge about how to change it will be a boon for you. Ensure that you have a spare tyre, bottle jack, a socket wrench, hi-viz vest and a pair of gloves always in your car. When you engaged the handbrake and the lights are on, ensure that you take out the wheel trim. Do make use of the bottle jack so that the wheels could be easily raised without much effort. Then the spare tyre should be fixed from the boot. But ensure that you do not excessively tighten the wheel nuts. If you come across any motorway as you proceed ahead, ensure that you do call for help.

Bogged vehicle

All one needs for this is a foot. Along with it some patience, of course! Start by pressing on the accelerator very gently, in the first gear. This will permit the spin wheels to rock slowly. Now from the accelerator remove your foot slowly, and ensure that the car rolls back gently. After this, quickly place the foot again on the accelerator so that it moves ahead. Keep repeating this step until you notice that the vehicle is up and is all set to move ahead. You might have to wing it, in case it does not work for you.

When engine gets overheated

Without wasting anytime, get the engine turned off as soon as you notice that it has been overheated. Open the car bonnet as this will allow the engine to gradually cool off. After this, check the level of the engine oil as well as the coolant levels. Most probably it might be leaking. In case there is any leak, visit the nearest mechanic.

Ensure that you do follow the steps mentioned above if you encounter such issues. We always hope you have a safe and a smooth ride.